Temperature readings using a TED20

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Temperature readings using a TED20

Post by GMB » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:57 am

So what kind of temperature readings do you get on your TED20?

I am asking because I still have temperature issues but at least I am getting some data now.

I found it quickly heats up to the TVO temperature point and we cut over to TVO all fine. It seemed to be settling at about 80-85C.
Doing hard work the temperature gradually creeps up ... and up ... until it hits the stop on the meter after 30 mins. At this point we are back to the petrol boiling but by running on TVO the engine is very happy (with petrol this is the point we grind to a halt).

But I found another thing when we quickly got the tractor out to pull up a dead tree.
If I set the idle very slow (after we are reasonably warmed up, say 75C) the temperature starts to rapidly shoot up to 100C. On revving up the temperature crashes back down! And no, the water level is not wrong, there was water in the top of the radiator both at the start and the end and this run.

So is it a thing that the water pump rotor wears away until the pump hardly works? Or is this behavior typical? Or does this just mean that the radiator is more blocked than it appears to be?

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