T20 and a MIL Loader and lots of Ferguson Implements

If you have something for sale or you want to buy please place it here..
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T20 and a MIL Loader and lots of Ferguson Implements

Post by whitelion58 » Sun Jul 21, 2019 9:02 am

Over the next couple of weeks I will have a few Ferguson implements for sale. Just thinning out the items I have not used for years and are taking up space. I will get decent pics as I sort them out and clean them up, but thought I would post now in case someone is looking for autumn projects!

There is an album of pics, as I get them, being assembled here:

https://photos.app.goo.gl/d19Jtdm6S5HXbDWu6" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

If pics of the thing you are interested in are not there yet, keep checking back, or drop me a line.


An entire (well, almost) petrol Ferg. This has been literally sat in my hedge for the last 25 years, and somebody else's hedge for a while before that! The bonnet has had no paint for all that time but is in amazing condition, with a heavy patina and only surface rust. The tractor is mostly complete, the fuel tank has gone - but must be of value to someone as spares/project/decoration?

Ferguson Early Finger Mower

I restored this to full working condition, also about 25 years ago. It had new belts and bushes, and all the wear plates in the cutter bar were brand new too. It mowed the paddock a couple of times then was put in the shed and not moved since, which is a real shame. It is unusually complete - so includes the two stands for parking it, the retaining bar to hold the cutter upright, a land wheel, six spare knives and a swathe board, complete with the long pole. This is is in very nice condition, cleaned and the wood oiled. I’ll include the special top link with the serration for the top chain.

MIL Loader

This is also a complete working item, with the frames and plumbing currently fitted to my workhouse T20. The rams were overhauled a few years ago with new seals and were working fine the last time I had the loader attached, just a few years ago. It has a bucket in good condition, but no fork. All the pins necessary are there, and of course all the hydraulic connections and tap. You will need your own pick up hitch to operate this though, as I am keeping mine. It is in good working condition, ready for service or would make a very nice restoration project with little effort.

Ferguson Tipping Trailer

Just a rolling chassis with no body at all. Rough but complete and well worth saving.

Ferguson Earth Scoop

This could be described as rough and ready. We used it quite a lot for levelling paddocks and laying gravel driveways. One of the pins broke at some point before I got it and another pair have been fitted close to the originals. Odd but it works. Should not be difficult to restore properly if you want to look at it, rather than just use it!

Ferguson Jack

This is the neat device that uses the tractor hydraulics to get all four wheels off the ground. All complete, but deserves to be blasted and painted.

Ferguson Belt Pulley

Not much to say, it's in nice condition and worked well to drive a saw bench for a while, been stood on the shelf for years every since.

All are located in SY13, Shropshire. Hard to value them, so if you are seriously interested, please get in touch with offers. Contact me directly on whitelion58@gmail.com

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Re: T20 and a MIL Loader and lots of Ferguson Implements

Post by Remco methorst » Wed Jan 01, 2020 2:54 pm

I have a question could you maybe measure the stick on the swath board? I'm fixing up a mf 732 cutter bar and I didn't have the wooden stick. greeting Remco The Netherlands
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