Why should I donate?

You don't have to donate, it's not a requirement of being a forum member.
You're not expected to donate, after all this is a free forum and the fact
that you're prepared to share your knowledge with other members is a bonus
to us all.

The time I spend working on and maintaining this forum is done because I
choose to do so, I enjoy it, I like to see others enjoying it and I like to see
everyone benefiting from in in some way.
However, there are financial costs involved, the biggest being the annual hosting fee,
then of course is the cost of keeping the name registered, and in this day and age of
ever increasing charges, fees, bills and the general cost of living the spare
cash is somewhat stretched at times.
If you choose to make a donation, your money will be put towards the
running costs of the forum. If you choose not to donate, no problem just carry
on enjoying it because your knowledge and the fact that you're prepared to share
it is payment enough and I'd like to thank you for taking part.

To donate simply click the 'donate' button below and follow the simple instructions..